Notice to the Market – Changes in the structure of Top Management

São Paulo, September 19, 2017 – Even Construtora e Incorporadora S.A. – EVEN (B3: EVEN3), with operations in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Rio Grande do Sul and a focus on residential developments with a unit value above R$ 250,000, communicates changes in top management structure.

We wish to inform that after two years with Co-CEOs, the board of directors approved today, subject to shareholders meeting approval, a structure with only one CEO with a two-year term, a position that the current Co-CEOs should intercalate, that is, a rotation every two years. In the first two years, Mr. Dany Muszkat will be the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) while Mr. João Eduardo Azevedo Silva will be the Chief Operational Officer (COO).

In addition, we hereby inform that Mrs. Daniella Sasson de Figueira has resigned as Chief Financial Officer and is leaving the company. On the same day, the board of directors elected Mr. Vinicius Mastrorosa to fill the positions of Chief Financial Officer and Investor Relations Officer (CFO and IRO).

Vinicius Mastrorosa holds a degree in Economics from the University of São Paulo (USP) and had joined Even in 2012, where he already held the positions of Economic Studies Manager, Strategic Planning Director and last Financial Director of São Paulo Business Unit.

The company is grateful for all the years that Mrs. Daniella has been part of the team and wishes her success in her new challenges.

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Vinicius Mastrorosa

Talles Oliveira
IR Coordinator

IR Contact:
Phone: +55 11 3377-3699