Ética Even

Integrity is the essence of Even. We are proud to act guided by ethical principles and in compliance with the country’s laws and the best market practices.

In line with this commitment, we have channel Ética Even created to record reports of conduct that is not in accordance with the company’s ethical culture or to record doubts or suggestions about our Code of Conduct.

Anyone can make the report, their identification is not required and the contact is made through Ética Even, that keeps the infomation confidential and does not identify, under any circumstances, the person who sent the information.

The channel is open 24/7, and anyone can use it by clicking here, or monday to friday, during business hours, by calling the phone 0800-591-3457.

If you identify or suspect any misconduct within the company, please contact us through the above channels. Once your report has been received, the area of risk Management and Compliance will be responsible for its verification with complete independence, caution and responsibility, in a fair and impartial manner. If the report is confirmed, appropriate action will be taken. In addition, all records are acertained and have an answer, which can be consulted on the Ética Even.