Strategy and Competitive Advantages

  • Long-term vision focused on fantastic products with high added value, providing differentiated experiences and solving the daily demands of our customers.
  • We operate in selected regions where our Company has a consolidated market expertise, which reduces risks and boosts profitability.
  • Discipline in the execution of company’s strategic planning, which takes into account macroeconomic cycles. Continuous pursuit of a balanced capital structure that results in high levels of return (ROE) and cash generation.
Competitive Advantages

Operating in Brazil’s most relevant markets

We are positioned in the most relevant markets in Brazil in terms of income and housing demand: São Paulo and Rio Grande do Sul. We have consolidated operations and expertise in local markets, taking advantage of our experience and reputation in these regions. This gives us extensive knowledge of the features and regulations in each of them and, consequently, greater efficiency in the approval, licensing and development of our projects.

Vertical business model

Our real estate development activities are fully integrated, which allows us to manage all stages, including the land acquisition process, planning, development, sales and construction, with teams specially trained in each of these stages. This approach to the business allows us to efficiently control and maintain the quality of all our projects and broad execution capabilities, adding value to the brand and contributing to the achievement of better results. We have our own sales force allocated exclusively to the sale of our launches.

Diversified product base and proven execution capability

We have a broad track record of success in the development of projects for several segments: medium, medium-high, high and commercial. We believe that we can offer the best business opportunities in each location, we have flexibility to meet potential demand and reduce our exposure to specific segments when necessary. Diversification allows the company to offer products that are better suited to different income groups, with a better cost-benefit ratio for its customers.

Use of sustainable and innovative practices

This commitment allows us to create a solid base for long-term operations growth. These are practices that have positive impacts on product development, brand image and strength, in addition to providing production efficiency and cost reduction.

Recognized and committed management, aligned with a merit-based management model

We have a team of professional executives, committed to sustainable development and maximizing results. The management model seeks to align management with the interests of shareholders through a culture of meritocracy and a variable remuneration model that emphasizes growth, results, cost efficiency and innovation. These characteristics contribute to the achievement of consistent results, aligning growth with the correct attention to the risks inherent to our activities and are reflected in low turnover.