Corporate Profile

For over 40 years in the real estate industry, Even is one of the largest developers and builders in the country. Focused on the cities of São Paulo and Porto Alegre, it has a strong presence in the middle, mid-high and high segments, in strategic neighborhoods in the city of São Paulo. In Rio Grande do Sul, through its subsidiary Melnick Desenvolvimento Imobiliário S.A., it operates in medium and high-end residential and commercial projects in the capital.

The company operates in a vertical manner, executing all stages of the development of its projects, from land prospecting, real estate development and sale, to its construction.

The steps of the incorporation process are also managed and controlled internally. Activities include identification, appraisal, land acquisition, development planning, obtaining licenses, permits and government approvals, project design, commercialization and sale of properties, construction of the project and provision of services before, during and after the sale to customers.

The development activity is carried out through two trade brands aimed at different segments: Open and Even. The Open brand is responsible for residential projects in the middle-income segment, with 2 and 3 bedroom units. The Even brand operates in medium-high and high-end residential projects, as well as commercial projects.

Even also has two sales companies: Even Vendas and Even More, both of which operate exclusively in all projects. Even Vendas operates in the metropolitan regions of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, and Even More only in the metropolitan region of São Paulo. The two, together, have a sales force of nearly a thousand independent brokers.

The company also aims to follow the sustainability precepts in all stages of its business, having consolidated ESG practices. The use of such practices enables the reduction of waste in constructions, increases the efficiency of products, takes practical examples and seeks to raise awareness of customers, communities neighboring its projects and society in general, in addition to involving its employees in a positive way.

Based on an organizational culture focused on the commitment to sustainability, with the customer and on responsible and consistent operational and financial management, Even Construtora e Incorporadora S.A. today occupies a prominent position in the Brazilian market.


We want to transform the way people live, work and live together.

Together we will make the most profitable company in Brazil and relevant in the region in which we operate.


  • We are customer oriented
  • We are disciplined
  • We are focused on results
  • We are a high performance team
  • We are made of people_