Even announces Notice to Shareholders

EVEN CONSTRUTORA E INCORPORADORA S.A. (“Even” or “Company”) communicates to its shareholders the resubmission, on the present date, of the Company‘s Management Proposal to the Company‘s Annual and Extraor dinary Shareholders‘ Meeting to be held on April 30, 2020 (“AGOE”), as approved by the Board of Directors‘ meeting also held on the present date, in order to change the payment date of the proposed dividends. The Company‘s management proposes that, if the said dividend distribution is approved by the AGOE, its payment should be made until December 31, 2020, according to the date to be defined by the Company‘s Board of Directors and pursuant to article 205, paragraph 3 of Brazilian Corporate Law. The change in the payment date now proposed is justified since, due to the uncertainties of the COVID-19 pandemic and the potential impacts on the Brazilian and global economy, the Company‘s management believes that a more conservative position should be adopted, postponing the payment of dividends in a manner compatible with the Company‘s financial health and social interest. The effective payment of dividends must be duly communicated by the Company, by means of a notice to shareholders, as soon as its date is defined. The measure recommended aims to meet the official guidelines of the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization in order to avoid agglomerations and to reduce social contact, reiterating the Company‘s commitment to adopting measures to combat the pandemic. COVID-19 and the safety of its shareholders, employees and society in general

São Paulo, April 23rd, 2020.

José Carlos Wollenweber Filho
CFO and Investor Relations Director

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About EVEN:
Even has been working in the real estate sector for more than 40 years and is one of the largest builders and developers in the metropolitan region of São Paulo. It is present, primarily and strategically, in the cities of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Porto Alegre. The company is vertically oriented, executing all development stages of its projects, from lot prospecting, property development and brokerage activities to the project‘s construction. Even owns two sales companies: Even Vendas and Even More, both of which operating in 100% of the Company‘s projects to sell units and providing exclusive services to Even. The Company follows sustainability principles in all of its business segments. Even believes that employing sustainability practices leads to less construction debris, increases the energy efficiency of its products and improves its image before clients and neighboring communities. Its shares ! are traded on the Novo Mercado Special Corporate Governance segment of the B3 – Brasil Bolsa Balcão, under the ticker EVEN3.