Risk Management

Even pays special attention to risk control in its balance sheet and its projects as a result of its business activities and macro economic conditions. In the Company’s Financing Committee, which is held monthly, the following matters are discussed, among others (i) cash flow projections, (ii) the behavior of launched projects compared to studies made and approved before the launch, (iii) the impact of variations in the business parameters on profitability and of the cash flow of the Company and of its projects, (iv) project financing and (v) its cost of capital.

In two separate moments, before establishing any obligations for land acquisition or launches of any projects, the Investments and Launch Committees are convened to approve the conditions proposed by different departments of the company. During these meetings, the following are analyzed (i) proposed product, (ii) project and construction costs, (iii) economic feasibility, (iv) business and financial terms of the purchase proposal, in case of land acquisition, (v) the business conditions and sales tables, in case of launch, and (vi) the situation of the land and/or the project in terms of legal and regulatory aspects.

Even has three executive areas linked to the CEO’s office:

  • Technical Executive Area
    Defines the Company’s technical guidelines, enabling the execution of Even’s construction projects in compliance with its customer satisfaction strategies in terms of quality, deadlines and innovation. It also develops relations with stakeholders, aiming to meet the Company’s customer satisfaction, market share and revenue targets.
  • Development Executive Area
    Establishes Even’s real estate development strategy, integrating the best business opportunities with the strategies of the Company and its clients, in order to comply with the financial and market share targets established by the CEO’s office and the Board of Directors.
  • Financial Executive Area
    Responsible for managing and controlling activities related to controllership, finance, accounting and investor relations. It provides the necessary input and support for decision-making, in accordance with the legislation, in order to ensure the Company’s financial health and the achievement of its short, medium and long-term goals.